Inside Out: A Transformational Program

Join Dr. Allegra Hart of Naturae Naturopathic Clinic and Kari Lyons Price of Meditate Wenatchee for this inspirational and life changing program… Stacked Rocks small

Do you:
Feel stuck?

Have thoughts and beliefs that block you from living fully?

Lack joy and purpose?

Question what is stopping you from living the life you deserve?

You can CHANGE!

The choice is yours…. Are you ready to thrive?

Remove roadblocks….Become unstoppable!

Transform your inner conflict into peace.

Liberate yourself from fear and judgement.

Tap into deep joy, freedom and wisdom.

Personal transformation takes time, we know and have walked this path. Our guidance can move you through these transitions more quickly and easily. In this course you’ll have 2 guides, Dr. Allegra and Kari Lyons Price, who have been there and done the same work to transform our lives. We understand the work that is required to thrive.

We invite you to embrace this opportunity to become the best you possible!
We can teach you the practical tools you need to gain personal insights to transform your life.
In this 6–Week course you will:

Clarify What You Want in Your Life
Find the Real You
Access More Joy & Self-Acceptance
Build Strong Healthy Boundaries
Smash Your Limitations

When: Thursdays– Oct 8th to Nov 12th, 6:30 – 8 pm
Where: Naturae Naturopathic Clinic @ 1417 Maiden Lane in Wenatchee

**Space is very limited**


Dr. Allegra and Kari have walked with path before and can accelerate your journey with the least amount of struggle.

Our Transformations:

“After 15 years of internal suffering I woke up and decided living with depression and an eating disorder was not living at all. I faced my own roadblocks to living the life I knew I deserved. I embarked on this journey 12 years ago and I have gained a substantial self-care toolbox and a support team that is unsurpassable. I now live a life I never knew possible– one filled with joy, self-love and acceptance! I so look forward to sharing more of my journey out of darkness with you”

-Kari Lyons Price

Our Transformations:

“For 12 years chronic pain, anxiety, and panic attacks were normal for me. Every day was a struggle and I felt like I was emotionally drowning. I knew I was the only one who could change my life and I set out on a mission to move out of this darkness. I met many obstacles on my journey. I consciously and slowly put together a support team to help me build a strong foundation of health through self-care and mindfulness. I’ve helped over 1000 people rebuild their lives and look forward to helping you build a life of joy and grace.”

-Dr. Allegra Hart

Course Curriculum

Inside Out: A Transformational Program

Week 1: Authentic Life Inventory
What do you choose in your life to feed you?
What is holding you back?
Where is growth desired?

Week 2: Healthy Boundaries
What do you choose to exclude in your life?
The healthy “No” principle
What is working, what is not?
Who is on your team?

Week 3: Mindfulness is Key
Connect to your Inner Self
Embrace radical self-acceptance
Play with the practice of sitting in silence

Week 4: Self-Love & Compassion
Self-Care practices and techniques
Explore core beliefs related to the roadblocks of self-love and compassion

Week 5: What We Resist Persists!
Investigate what limits you
Learn how to shift your limitations into strengths
Create new pathways for success

Week 6: Finding Your Recipe for Success
Compiling your ingredients for transformation
Engaging the Unstoppable You!
Share personal wisdom and inner truth