Guided meditations are a great way to support you through changing your life from frustration to flow.

Allow yourself to relax and be lead through your breath to calm your nervous system, boost your neurotransmitters and your immune system.

This helps create a healthier you – all from focusing on your breath,

your very own renewable resource.

How to Listen to Your Body Guided Meditations
1. Introduction
2. Basic Deep Abdominal Breath
3. Biofeedback Routine
4. Forgiveness Meditation (download your free copy of the Forgiveness Meditation)
5. Grounding Meditation
6. Progressive Relaxation Meditation

Total Duration: 37 minutes

Basic Deep Abdominal Breath
This is the foundation of breath. Use this breathing pattern anytime and anywhere to help you better eliminate waste, CO2, and increase oxygen absorption. This helps you become more proactive and less reactive.

Biofeedback Routine
This routine helps remind you that your mind and body are connected. It also helps to balance your nervous system and slow your heart rate. Use this when you feel the need to reset and regroup- mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Forgiveness Meditation
This meditation helps your building better communication with yourself and those around you. It helps you to let go of your baggage for good. Use this when you feel angry toward yourself or others. It can also help you become more authentic in your communication.

Grounding Meditation
This meditation helps you get out of your head and back into your body. When you’re in your body you are more aware of who you’re and the choices you’re making. Use this meditation when you’re feeling too easily influenced by others.

Progressive Relaxation Meditation
This relaxing meditation helps you get out of your mind and back into your body by building physical awareness through relaxing and tensing every muscle group. It is a great mediation to use when you’re feeling restless or having trouble sleeping. Do this right before bed to help you fall asleep and if wake up in the middle of the night.