You pay attention to what you eat, but do you know what you are putting ON your body?

Conventional skincare products are packed with hormone disruptors, pesticides, and harsh chemicals that absorb right through your skin. This causes inflammation in your WHOLE body.

Inflammation isn’t pretty. Inflammation slows your body’s ability to detoxify and suppresses your immune system.

But the skincare you chose doesn’t just effect you. When you shower or wash your hands, the products you use go into the water system and contaminate the water supply for everyone.

Fragrances are coated in plastic which damage your hormones and stick to those you hug and love.

You no longer need to compromise your health for beauty.

Dr. Allegra formulated the Rejuvenating Serum No. 3 and the Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil to be an effective and super green way to clean and feed your skin without toxins!